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After years of sales and installations of their products all over Asia and Europe, we are excited to provide sales representation in the USA for Coffee Tech Engineering.

We believe Coffee Tech products bring a new and effective technology for coffee roasting and smoke elimination systems. Instead of simply bolting on new controls and calling it "innovation", Coffee Tech Engineering designed a completely new roasting platform.

Coffee Roasting

Since 1993

The Coffee Tech Paradigm for Roasting Coffee

Roasting is not Baking

When it comes to roasting coffee, too much convection causes significant dehydration. Over the course of the average roast cycle, the result is more like baking than roasting.

The Coffee Tech approach is to maximize conductive and radiant heat while minimizing convection. Full control over heat, drum speed and airflow give the roaster ultimate control over heat transfer variables.

Efficiency is Key

Energy efficiency is a critical issue worldwide.  Not only does it directly affect profit, it is also a significant environmental concern.

Several features were designed from the beginning to set the standard in roaster efficiency. From the burner, the ceramic chamber containing the roasting drum, the airflow path, to the drum design itself. Every component was created with maximal energy efficiency in mind.

Operator Safety

The dirty little secret in the coffee industry is operator safety. Constant exposure to un-combusted fuel and smoke lead to serious concerns for the operator and the facility.

Achieving up to 80% combustion (4x the industry norms) via a fully modulated, pre-mix burner is just the first in a series of design innovations to solve this problem.

Smoke Elimination

The reduction or complete elimination of smoke is a key to quality, safety and compliance. The Avirnaki solution is the answer.

High efficiency, with high performance in one system. Using high voltage fields, the Avirnaki system can work to reduce or totally eliminate smoke both before the stack, and from the bean cooler.

Lab Roaster

The ultimate fully featured, small format roaster for samples, profile development and R&D. The FZ-94 has all the same functions and technology as the Commercial Roasters from Coffee Tech, in a very small package.

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Shop Roaster

The Solar shop roaster is the ultimate Plug and Play roaster for your cafe. This unique roaster allows very high quality, specialty level coffee in small batches without full time, dedicated personnel.

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Commercial Roaster

Our line of Commercial Roasters represents the leading edge in control systems and technology. Ranging in size from 15kg to 90kg these roasters cover the range of requirements from smaller, local roasters to large scale wholesalers.

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Smoke Elimination

Where there is roasting, there is smoke. Smoke Elimination technology can be the make or break piece of the process, and the Avirnaki works well with all our roasters.

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We love good coffee, and sharing our passion with wholesale roasters, specialty shops, and businesses looking to roast their own on premise. Let's discuss how the tech running our roasters can change your quality and profit for the better . . .