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Our Approach

The 25 Group is a unique representative for Coffee Tech Engineering that both sells their products, but also uses them. We have the ability demonstrate the FZ-94 Lab Roasters, Solar Shop Roaster, and the Avirnaki at a demo facility in Torrance, Ca.

Commercial Roasters will be in operation at our partner companies. These should be available to see and demo by end of 2017 or sooner.


Commercial Roaster Demo Sites

In our Cold Brew Copacker Cold Craft, we will have both the FZ-94 Lab Roaster and the G60 commercial roasting platform using the Avirnaki Smoke elimination system. Our current plan is ~1600 lbs per day 5 days a week which can show higher volume roasting in a real world setting.

At Portola Coffee Lab, we will the G45 commercial roaster and the Avirnaki smoke elimination system for the amazing specialty coffee in their cafes. Portola specializes in sourcing and roasting small batch and micro lot specialty coffee and will have constantly revolving roasting activity. This installation will demonstrate the day to day of a specialty roaster with direct access to a cupping lab and retail cafe.

Next Steps...

If you want to see a demonstration of any of the Lab Roasters, Shop Roasters, Commercial Roasters or Smoke Elimination systems please contact us.