Avirnaki Smoke Elimination sysytem

Smoke Elimination


Indoor, small batch specialty coffee roasting in your shop or cafe without the smoke!

An environmentally friendly, energy efficient system to eliminate smoke in your cafe or sample lab.

The worlds first indoor smoke elimination system!

The Avirnaki (Hebrew for "Clean Air") was the first, and still the best, indoor smoke elimination system for your in house coffee roasting. Designed to work with the FZ-97 lab roaster and the Solar cafe roasters, this amazing device will eliminate the smoke and you can vent the remaining smokeless air via inexpensive normal ducting. This is vital in areas (California for example) where the regulations require demonstration of smoke free operation.

It's a TRAP! Well for Smoke . . .

The Avirnaki absorbs smoke, channeling it into cleanable, detachable, full flow trapping fields. It converts the smoke’s harmful substances into solids, which are trapped inside the cleanable fields. These solids are then separated from the entire flow. The result is clean, purified air. The system also reduces gas exhaust temperatures by roughly 70%.

Venting devices and ducts that require periodic cleaning and maintenance, are often responsible for poor roasting results due to bad venting and are rightfully regarded as a major fire hazard. Avirnaki blows all these issues away. Maintenance is easy and entirely in the hands of the user. It requires nothing but tap water and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents.

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At USD $7,599 this product eliminates the smoke and the hazard of your operation in your cafe or lab.!