Lab and Sample Roaster

Lab and Sample Roaster


Finally a lab and sample roaster that allows you to emulate the control and variables on your full sized specialty coffee roasting systems.

It's simple . . . Sample Roast like you Production Roast

Technical Specifications

Batch Capacity

0.1 – 2.4 Kg (0.2 – 5.3 lbs.) of green coffee

Roasting Cycle

16-18 minutes for full batch (after preheat)

Roasting Output

~10 Kg /~22 lbs per hour

Operation Method

Individual manual operation of heating elements; digital frequency inverters for controlling convection ratio (airflow blower) & drum speed

Electrical Specifications 

220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3200 Watt single phase

Drum Motor

1/8 HP AC, heavy duty

Heating Method

Electrical with special made, high temp. heating elements (3 x 1000 watt)


An external group, removable perforated aluminum pan for immediate heat absorption and transformation, with high capacity centrifugal blower

Process Quality Control

Large Pyrex lens, sampler and three separate temperatures displays (beans, drum ambient and exhaust air) for optimal monitoring of roasting progress

Chaff Collection

Cyclone type for roasting and additional trap box type chaff collector for the cooling


W: 65 cm / 25.5 in
D: 77 cm / 30.3 in
H: 88 cm / 34.5 in

Dimensional Drawing (with Avirnaki)


65 kg / 143 lbs

The FZ-94 lab or sample roaster was designed with the ultimate goal of making a realistic tool for Master Roasters. Based on the same technology and controls as their commercial lines, it is simply the most advanced lab and sample coffee roaster of its kind in the world. When paired with the Avirnaki Smoke Elimination system, it is unbeatable.

Real Control in Sample Roasting

The lab roaster offers near-total digital control over the roast process. This lets you go way beyond the dump and run analog format of the classic mini barrel roaster found in the typical lab or cupping room. The FZ-94 provides infinitely more control than a manual exhaust flap. And all the parameters are logged for analysis.

Exploring the full range of possibilities in professional sample roasting was never as accessible as it is with the FZ-94 pro Lab-Roaster.

  • Drum Speed: Real and accurate speed control for the drum
  • Drum Venting: Separate control for the drum venting blower
  • Temperature: Three individual digital probes and PID controllers for full temperature control.
  • Sample Size: 100g to 2.4kg

All this control, while maintaining a small format, user-friendly operation, and all electric heating elements means simple installation and serious power. And that power affects everything from new product development, roast profiling, roast improvement, and more!

The result is a beautiful design plus outstanding roasting quality across the entire capacity and roast range.

Why So Much Power in the cupping lab?

Specialty coffee roasters have a tremendously hard job. We have all embraced the pursuit of quality, but with that path comes a lot of time, effort and cost. Why not put more power and control upstream before committing all the resources? Better yet, why not sample roast like you production roast?

Tradition vs. Technology!

Traditional barrel sample roasters are expensive, overly simple, and don't relate to the real process later of production roasting.

What was originally designed as a quick and "down and dirty" method of cupping and evaluating potential defects, flavor profiles, and other source specific elements accidentally became the defacto standard.

Why? How?

Does the roasting process on your cupping room double or triple barrel relate to anything in your production process?

Specialty Coffee Roasting is about control

Creating a profile that produces the desirable flavor can prove tricky, involving almost each and every possible parameter in the machine: the burner, the drum speed and the rate of convective heat. Even cooling is a significant part of the process. And you have to duplicate this when it comes time to make and sell this product.

The importance of lab sessions is vital, and having an accurate lab and sample facility is crucial if you are aiming for top tier quality. Setting the equipment parameters in the optimal way and maximizing the beans’ potential demands a deep understanding of the process. Having a sample roaster with the same control and parameters as a commercial machine is the key.

Specialty Sample Roasting is about control too, AND saving money

The whole concept of being able to emulate how your are going to handle that single origin, meticulously sourced, micro lot of VERY EXPENSIVE coffee makes intuitive sense. But the bottom line is still the bottom line. Quality at Profit is the goal.

Wasting Product (MONEY), Time (MONEY), and other resources (MONEY MONEY MONEY) just doesn't make sense. The margins are small enough without the lack of technology.

Advanced Tech for Coffee Roasters

Data Logging

The FZ-94 uses the same data logging software as the commercial roasters, giving you the best starting parameters when transitioning to production roasting. The USB interface and software is compatible with many industry solutions.


The FZ-94 has the fastest cooling time in the industry. 2 minutes to total cooldown means quicker turnaround times.


Coffee Tech has also pioneered several different drum constructions to optimize the performance of their Lab and Commercial roasters. The FZ-94 allows the operator to switch between the 3 different drums in less than 30 minutes and experiment with different hardware with minimal effort.

Control Heating Sources

The ability to influence the convective, conductive and radiant heat percentages and change them over time is unique in the industry. The convective blower controls and separate drum speed controls allows the roaster to adjust convective action, and even treat the product as a fluidized bed.

Heat Recovery

The FZ-94 emulates the efficiency of the commercial roasters in its ability to use thermosiphon technology. This capability is built-in at the design stage and means less energy consumption and better operation.

The Solution, and the Secret

The Coffee-Tech FZ-94 is the solution, and the "big secret" is the price. All this technology is nearly the same price as the antiquated, 2 barrel systems, and many times it is CHEAPER! All this digital control and at a better price than the outdated technology in your competitors cupping lab.

Check out our tech spec for details

Ready to find out more?

At USD $13,999 this product represents the pinnacle of control and real world production roasting. Contact us to find out more.